Best Technology in Golf Rangefinders

After discussing the four best rangefinders currently available in the game of golf, it is important to discuss what features make these the best and an improvement among previous years. Of course, when the game of golf was first invented nobody had ever thought that technology with these capabilities would ever be used in the game of golf.

Nobody knows when yardage was first emphasized in the game of golf, but I imagine for a while they were just focused on the development of the golf clubs themselves. Switching from wooden shafts to metal and adjusting the loft on each club as well. Bryson DeChambeau would certainly rock the world of any golfers a century ago. Nonetheless, great strides have been taken in the rangefinder world similar to the development of the game of golf itself.

The following list is an accurate representation of the technological advantages that have occurred with the development of rangefinders throughout the years:

1. Distance Development
2. Audible Noises
3. Battery Life
4. Speed
5. Clarity
6. Slope Settings
7. And much, much more

First and foremost, great lengths have been taken to increase the distance that rangefinders can read. With most rangefinders starting out with capabilities reaching to only two hundred yards, it is crazy to consider that the new average is a maximum distance of five hundred to six hundred yards. The maximum reaches all the way up to one thousand yards!

In addition to the crazy yardages that can now be read by rangefinders, they also typically include audible noises to notify the user that the location has been locked on to. This is extremely helpful, because sometimes it is not always clear when a rangefinder has been locked on to. Overall, this feature certainly benefits all players by making rangefinders much easier to use, and much more efficient.

The battery life is also much newer and more improved on rangefinders in recent years compared to past decades. They now last longer than ever before by hours and can be used for multiple rounds without a charge. Although if the battery is low, most rangefinders have some sort of visual indicator to warn you of such.

One of the biggest changes with rangefinders is that now locking onto a pin is almost an instantaneous function. Once you pull up your rangefinder and press a button it will give you a reading within a yard of accuracy within a few seconds of use. In addition to the instantaneous speeds, the cameras in the current rangefinders only include the highest quality images and frames. This extreme clarity makes it even easier to lock on to your target and leaves you with extra confidence, never wondering if it had locked on to the correct target.

Finally, the most complex rangefinders include this intense improvement that far surpasses its counterparts. This would be the slope setting. A slope setting takes either an uphill or downhill slope and adjusts the yardage accordingly. Many rangefinders do not include this setting, and instead leave the user wondering how much yardage to add or subtract based on the slope.

Overall, rangefinders have come a long way with improvements over the years only making them more and more useful for golfers worldwide. One can only imagine what improvements will be taken next to make rangefinders even better.