Does a Rangefinder Really Improve Your Golf Game?

Most golfers, especially professionals rely heavily on yardage to manage their game. While the professionals will use yardage books and caddies, a majority of golfers will either eyeball the yardage or rely on the scorecard and markers given by the course. However, there are golfers that live within this range through either the use of apps or the most popular rangefinders. The apps are free, or you could pay for extra features, however a rangefinder typically costs hundreds of dollars. With such a steep price, it leaves many people wondering if the benefits of a rangefinder outweigh the literal cost. This article will thoroughly discuss the benefits a range finder has on your game, and if they really do improve your score, an important question with such a high price.

For a short answer to the question, the following improvements may occur to your game from acquiring a rangefinder:

● Precise Course Yardages
● Improve Club Selection
● Improve Short Game
● Reduce Penalty Strokes
● Improve Confidence
● Speed Up Play
● Decision Making
● Motivation
● Data Gathering

We will now discuss the specifics for these improvements in golf.

Over course it begins with the more obvious improvements of precise course yardages. This is the biggest impact a rangefinder will have on your game, and really benefits the rest of your score with a domino like effect. Instead of guessing yardages based off of the markers on the course (which are typically to the center of the green) a rangefinder allows for you to view your exact yardage to the pin. You can also use it to view how far away a hazard or bunker is, which is something that will be discussed later. There are some great sources, such as Golf Treasury that you can look to for information about the best Peakpulse rangefinders for golf.

Now that you know the exact yardage, you can select the exact club necessary to hit the green! This is essential to the game and can greatly reduce your score as more hit greens lead to less chips, bunkers, or less botched chip shots. Having a rangefinder improves your short game, because by hitting the green more consistently after you select the right club, less chip shots are required to be hit. This allows you to really focus on the putting aspect of your short game rather than taking time to chip.

As mentioned earlier, a rangefinder can certainly reduce the number of penalty strokes that occur. Not only can the rangefinder be used to seek the pin but scout out the penalty areas. By knowing the exact distance to a water hazard or out of bounds location, this allows you to carefully select a club that will either guarantee you hit it over the hazard, or miss short of it. Now that you know an exact distance, and exact club per each distance, your confidence on the course will sky rise! Whenever seeing a hazard or a pin location, you will know exactly what club to hit that distance, and any other obstacles will disappear from sight. In general, a rangefinder will certainly help you gain confidence on the course, and hence lower your score.

With this newfound confidence, your game will speed up for two main reasons. You will get into the pattern of pulling out your rangefinder, finding a distance, and immediately pulling out your club without any second thoughts. This saves you time since you will no longer be trying to step off distances from the course markers or trying to guess where the pin is located. Also, this pre shot routine will help you become a better golfer, and the less strokes the better you play.

Finally, there will be extra benefits to your decision making because a rangefinder will cause you to take a much more analytical approach. You will have to make decisions based on the distance, uphill, downhill, or wind, but knowing how far each club goes because of the rangefinder will certainly help. A rangefinder also improves your data gathering abilities on the course, specifically when determining the distance you hit each club, which as shown will greatly benefit your game in numerous ways. The overall conclusion is that a rangefinder does in fact improve your golf game and can do so in a variety of ways.